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We C.A.R.E Financial Institute is a veteran owned, financial life coaching business, and an auxiliary ministry of My Father's Business Ministries and Services. Our VISION is to be a holistic business consisting of actions, tactics and strategies that will historically and culturally change the social and economic demographics locally, nationally, and globally.

Our MISSION is to fight against America’s economic problem of financial illiteracy and poverty, eliminate debt, save time and money, free people from the emotional financial worries and guarantee financial success to everyone who takes full advantage of our services. Although the services we offer exist already, we uniquely integrated common business concepts, management strategies, biblical Scriptures, and financial services to enable everyone to grasp the vision of financial and then plan their path to financial freedom. 

Our GOALS are to improve the lives of our clients and customers by:

  1. Decreasing evictions and repos.
  2. Enhancing financial growth in households.
  3. Increasing ownership.
  4. Creating employment and business opportunities.
  5. Changing the social and economic value in neighborhoods.
  6. Equipping people with knowledge, skills, and training to be financial stewards, business owners and community leaders.
  7. Simplifying the financial industry for people.
  8. Being an incubator and accelerator for our community and beyond.


Willie C. Holsendolph, Jr.

CEO and Finance Specialist

Terrance A. Smith

EO And Credit Specialist

Nicole A. Holsendolph

Treasurer and Tax Specialist

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