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Main Area

Birthday Parties

Main Area

Baby Showers and more...

Youth Area

PS4, Nintendo Switch, Ms. Pac-man and more...

In order to build a stronger relationship with our communities, We C.A.R.E Financial Institute (WCFI) display an ongoing visibility in serving our communities inside and outside the building. The We C.A.R.E Center is an Special Occasion Center that host special events, serve people in the community, sponsor various youth sports and mentorship activties, host financial and business workshops, and church fellowship. The We C.A.R.E Center can host events up to 50 people at $75 per hour, or below are our packaged prices, a link to  schedule an appointment to preview the We C.A.R.E Center, and venues that will provide extra services.

Weekly availability except on Wednesday from 6-9pm.  NOTE: Time available on Sundays are up to 11:30am only.

Event Packages

Short Timer's Package

2 hours


Main Area

Backdrop Stand

Table and Chairs

Some Timer's Package

4 hours


Main Area

Backdrop Stand

Table and Chairs

Slow Timer's Package

6 hours


Main Area

Backdrop Stand

Audio and Visual Room

Table and Chairs

Additional Services

Children Bi​rt​hday Package: $300

(2 hours):

Children Birthday Special: includes Main Room and Youth Area (2-hrs), 3 Lg Pizzas, Drinks, and 10 Goodie Bags.

Decorative Desserts

Treat Table can be requested by Kay's Gaterie... via Fackbook.

TABC Licensed Bartender

Host may serve alcohol as long as a TABC certified bartender is providing this service. A $100 non-refundable fee (only if bartender cancels 24 hours prior to the event) and a copy of their license to serve is required 3-days prior to host event. This fee does not pay for the bartender, and is not included in the bartender’s price. WCFI will not charge the non-refundable fee if host use the TABC licensed bartender partnered with the We C.A.R.E Center.

Audio and Visual Room: $100

A room with a 16-channel mixer, 4 speakers, a subwoofer, 2 TV screens, and computer. Great for hosting classes or holding a meeting. We also can ZOOM an event, check out the picture in the middle above.

Youth Area: $150

This area is for kids 5 and up while you host your event in the main area... includes a basketball game, PS4 Playstation, Nintendo Switch, and arcades games.

Break (Concession) Room: $50

A room store food drinks. This room is equipped with 2 metal tables, coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator, and a portable ice machine.

Popcorn Machine: $20

A party isn't a party without a medium size popcorn manchine. Great for movie night for a youth sports team or kids ministry.

Cleaning Services: $100

We C.A.R.E Center have a cleaning staff that will clean up and sanitize after your event... but host must put all food and trash in the trash cans, and remove all decorations.

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