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Build Your Credit with a Credit Card Builder

PRODIGY has a secured credit card designed specifically for building and re-establishing credit at a fast pace. This secured card reports 6 times per month! No matter how bad your personal credit is you will not be turned down. Click the link below to enroll today!

Free Finance, Credit, and Business Class

Financial and Credit Classes look at the whole picture of a your financial life, including credit report, debts, assets, expenses and income, to help you establish goals...  Business Classes aim is to help you find solutions to difficult business-related problems so your business can perform better and create additional value... Free classes are scheduled every second Monday by RSVP only, and may be in an individual or group setting.

Finance Class from 6-7 pm

Credit Class from 7-8 pm

Business Class from 8-9 pm

Credit C.A.R.E Services... $399 ($199 for Military and Veteran only)

Services include Credit analysis, negotiation of all errors and negative inquiry on credit report within three to eight months,  disputing 3 to 6 inquiries per month. After one year, inquiries will be $30 per inquiry. 

Finance, Credit Repair, and Business Workshop

Financial and Credit Workshops are hands-on training for those who want to save money. When you finish our financial workshop, you will have an active yearly budget along with a debt elimination schedule giving you the estimate date that you will be debt free.. Our Credit Repair Workshop is a special workshop designed to teach you and give you the tools to repair your own credit, in return, saving you $200 - $1,000 and time due to the revenue scheme of the credit repair business. We also combine the finance and credit repair workshop into a package to help those seeking to buy a House. 


Business Workshops aim is to help those who want to start a business but lack resources. Our business workshops give hands-on training that consisit of developing business ideas, learning how to see if your business is feasible to start, how to start a business with little to no money, writing business plans, determining what business formation is right for your business. You could leave this course with a business plan or a business started, but definitely will have the tools you need to turn a business idea into reality.


Workshops are scheduled once a month on Staurdays by Registration Only, and may be in an individual or group setting.

Finance Workshop: $99

Credit Repair Workshop: $159

Home Buying Workshop: $199

Business Workshop: $89

Tax Preparation & Filing ... Prices may vary!

We prepare, file, and amend individual taxes up to 3-5 years. We prepare taxes for some small businesses who have their ducks in a row. 

We C.A.R.E Creations

Custom Cups and things

Coffee cups, sport cups, glasses, plates, mugs, thermos and much more... Discount if you bring your own products.

New Clothing Brands Coming Soon!

Polo-shirts, t-shirts, sweats, jerseys, hats and much more... We do vinyl, embroidery, ink, and direct to film. Discount if you bring your own products.

Custom Shirts and things

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