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Making Money Move Group "3MG"

3MG is an interdependent group of commerce-driven people joined together in a 15-year wealth building membership of unifying currency and services to increase the economic and societal value of their livelihood.


3MG aim is to simplify finances by treating membership dues as personal and business income to:


  • Eliminate Debt and Repair Credit

  • Increase Cash Flow, Assets and Home Buying Power

  • Create Wealth

  • Develop and Sustain Business Communities

  • Combat Poverty and Social Injustices

  • Support Elected Officials

The members of 3MG will move through three phases (SECURE, OWN, and SUSTAIN) to accomplish our goals. Our strategic movement plan helps us attain resources, monitor growth, and evaluate impact. Please attend one of our introductory meeting scheduled on the first Monday of every month at the We C.A.R.E Center from 7-8 pm before joining to learn more about 3MG.

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